Getting to Bremerton is Part of the Fun!

Visiting Bremerton is easy and accessible from any direction.  Our proximity to Sea-Tac Airport and ease of access by car, ferry and numerous modernized transit systems throughout the region make the trip almost exciting as the destination!  From any major airport in the world, you can arrive at your destination here in Bremerton and enjoy a wonderful experience without ever even needing a car.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), or just Sea-Tac around here, is an international airport servicing flights too and from nearly every major airport in the world, and a vast number of regional airports across the country.

Driving to Bremerton

By car, Bremerton is about an hour away from Sea-Tac and the trip affords visitors the opportunity to pass over the famous Tacoma Narrows bridge and enjoy a beautiful drive up the Kitsap Peninsula along Highway 16.

Sound Transit Light Rail and the Ferries

For those who would rather hop on the Sound Transit Light Rail and enjoy a quick trip to Downtown Seattle, both the Kitsap Fast Ferry and larger Washington State Ferry await you at Coleman Dock.  Depending on the boat, the trip from Seattle to Bremerton by ferry is roughly 30-55 minutes.  There is a reason that the ferry systems here in Washington are world famous.  Take the trip and discover the breathtaking beauty for yourself.  Locals consider the Seattle/Bremerton route to be the most beautiful of the State ferry routes. And Bremerton is ready to greet you on the other side!

Seattle to Bremerton Map

Washington State Ferries

Washington State Ferries is the largest ferry system in the United States.  The system operates 10 routes throughout the Puget Sound with 22 vessels.  One of its busiest routes, from Seattle, docks right here in downtown Bremerton with a crossing time of about 55 minutes each way.  This route services both walk-on passengers and automobiles on the lower decks.  Two other terminals are located to the north and south of Bremerton here in Kitsap County in Bainbridge Island and South Worth outside of Port Orchard.

Washington State Ferries and Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry
Washington State Ferries and Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry

Kitsap Transit

Kitsap Transit is a vital transit agency here in Kitsap County.  The agency offers public transportation throughout the county as well as operating ferry services.  From the Bremerton Ferry dock, passengers can shuttle to Port Orchard and Annapolis across Sinclair Inlet, connecting South Kitsap easily to Bremerton.

Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry

In 2016, Kitsap voters approved the revival of our Fast Ferry service to Seattle.  The service launched in 2017 and provides 30 minute crossing times to Downtown Seattle Monday through Friday.  Kitsap Transit operates additional Fast Ferry routes from Kingston and expects to begin additional service from Southworth beginning in 2020.